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Good times, good food, good people: The rewards of retirement living

Resident shares a day in the life at Berwick Royal Oak
‘A day in The Life at Berwick Royal Oak’ author, Barbara Meek attending a ‘Roaring 20’s’ party held earlier this year.

From early morning fitness classes to laughter and trivia at their in-house pub, the community at Berwick Royal Oak has truly figured out the secret to enjoying their retirement.This active community of residents enjoy days filled with good company, interesting clubs, activities and of course, delicious meals prepared by Red Seal Chefs.

With day to day stressors like cooking and cleaning off their plates, residents get to make the most of their time and for some that means taking part in activities plus enjoying hobbies like painting, walking or in the case of resident Barbara Meek, practicing the art of poetry.

Berwick Royal Oak residents enjoying a game of Bridge.

“When Barbara shared her poem about ‘A day in the life’ here at Berwick Royal Oak, I just knew we had to share it with the community,” says Community Relations Manager at Berwick Royal Oak, Kathy McAree. “She did a wonderful job expressing the welcoming, positive, upbeat atmosphere that makes our community so special.”

A day in The Life at Berwick Royal Oak

By Barbara Meek

It’s seven o-clock and it’s time to run.

For breakfast and for a day full of fun.

And then off to Fitness Class many will go,

All classes conducted by our Fitness Pro.


Then there are several who’ll go on the bus,

A shopping agenda for many of us,

Or some will be going in Berwick’s BAT Car,

For varied appointments, both near and afar.


To move us around are the elevators four,

To take us from five down to the first floor.

Now here lies a story that just must be told,

An A-mazing sight for all to behold.


Soon lunchtime is here with many a choice,

Or locations to dine and our preferences to voice.

When dinnertime comes, three locations the same,

With all of our chefs on top of their game.


One of those places to eat is the pub,

Of social life here it is really the hub.

Happy hour each week and trivia quizzes,

Around every table sits trivia whizzes.


And then there are lectures and various classes,

Some about hearing and some about glasses.

There are puzzles and crib, there’s bridge and there’s poker.

Both of those played in the new Jolly Joker.


There’s friendships and caring, community sharing,

In this home we have found for our senior years.

Through joys and through sorrows,

For all our tomorrows.

Our staff and our neighbours will always be dear.

Find more information about Berwick at or follow them on Instagram for an inside look at what Berwick has to offer. To book a tour of Berwick House, contact Linda McDonald at 250-853-5492 or book online here. For Berwick Royal Oak, contact Kathy McAree at 250-419-4012.


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